The Case for Flag Football As an Olympic Sport

The Olympics are unlike some other sporting competition on the planet. For sixteen days, over 300 incidents representing 35 sports and every country on the planet compete to take home their prized medals, and I have awaited watching the Summer Olympics every 4 years since dating back to I actually can remember. But almost always there is recently been something missing. Among the Combined States most popular sports activities, and a top twelve sport throughout the world, it looks as though tackle and flag soccer could be Olympic activities by the year 2024, but issue obstacles still remain for your to become a reality. First we’re going walk through some reasons why the trail to getting American Football included into the Olympics has not been a fairly easy journey, adopted by why we expect a flag football to be the logical solution and choice as a future Olympic sport. ผลบอลสด

According to an article by NFL. contendo, the biggest logistical problems facing the sport of American Football being included in the Olympics are incredibly similar to that of Rugby. While using large quantities of participants on each team, the “gender equality” formats where both men and women participate in every sport, and the compressed 3 week plan that might be tough with a more physical game like football and rugby. Furthermore for American Football, the barrier to entry is high due to really cost to equip all players with pads and gear, and therefor has also been slow to adopt in many international countries, especially of the poorer variety.

Knowing all this, it’s hard to see how either sport would be a good fit for the Summer time Olympics. Rugby is like Soccer in that very little is necessary to play the sport in conditions of gear and practice at it’s base level, and has a much bigger international following. This among some other reasons has recently allowed Rugby to be cleared for the Olympics starting in 2016 by changing the traditional style to a less traditional “sevens” format which is faster paced with less people, which could help carve a similar path for American Basketball, or flag football more specifically.

Even more and more high school, school and pro teams start to reduce the number of contact practices, still sports the likes of soft-padded headgear and shoulder parts for added protection. Yet you may be questioning what if we could limit the contact players see before high college and middle school while also addressing a few of the concerns for the game related to it being totally accepted into the Olympics? There’s a lot of talk recently revolving around the safety of soccer, and not simply in the NFL where concussions are a major concern. Beginning dating back to the youth football level, recent evidence has surfaced holding up the idea that even in short supply of a concussion, regular head impacts and accident can manifest in similar brain injuries later in life for kids examined between the ages of 8-13. Many researchers are suggesting kids shouldn’t be playing football at all, suggesting that kids’ minds are “a larger part of their body, and the necks are not as strong as adults’ necks. So kids may be at an increased risk of head and brain injuries than individuals. “