Some of the Greatest Movies From My Favorite Actor

As the Oscars generally do a best wishes of awarding actors who deserve it, I feel there may be one actor they have snubbed so considerably in his career. That actor is Christian Bale. Whats net worth

The guy is so diverse and finally captured his big break with Batman Begins, catapulting him into action star position. Here are a few of his finest works in recent storage. 

If you didn’t see the Dark Knight, you mustn’t be American. With all the hype and drama surrounding this movie, it managed to go over everyone’s expectations, both in quality and in it is box office take. A true comic book work of genius, and one can only wonder how it do not get nominated for best picture.

Another outstanding movie by the duet of Bale and overseer Christopher Nolan was The Prestige. Also starring Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johannson, Bale will a wonderful job of participating in a talented magician who has some dark secrets up his sleeve that are revealed at the end of the movie.

Two words. The Machinist. Bale weighed less than 130 pounds for this low budget psychological thriller, and that was right after he weighed 210 pounds for Batman Starts out.

Another incredible Bale performance can be seen in American Psycho, in which Bale plays a Fresh York City hot shot who is, well… psychotic, and does some very terrible things. Somehow though, you root for him throughout everything he will.

Inspired by a true story, in Werner Herzog’s Rescue Dawn, Christian Bale plays an imprisoned ALL OF US pilot throughout the Vietnam Conflict who plans an get away from into the jungles of Laos. Sufficed to say, he lost a bunch of weight with this movie as well.

Finally, 3: 10 to Yuma was another fantastic performance by Christian Bale. A fantastic european is hard to come by nowadays, but Bale and Russell Crowe handled to pull it off.