Sailboat Cruising Versus Sailboat Racing

Sailboat cruising versus sailboat race… let us examine the difference between two.

? Sailboat cruising boat versus a sailboat racing boat… The boats themselves

A sailboat cruising boat has monster comforts… it is an effect a floating MOBILE HOME… you can cook, sleeping, entertain and enjoy the surroundings in a sailboat cruising boat. Sailboats

A sailboat racing boat is made for one thing and the one thing only… boat speed. Under decks in a sailboat racer may or might not exactly have something so basic as a marine bathroom. 

The bunks, the galley equipment, the salon areas and all things that make a sailboat traveling boat a floating home… would only slow a sailboat racer down and therefore not be there on a boat built for speed.

? Sailboat cruising vs sailboat racing… the skill set required is enormously different

As a successful sailboat racer requires quickness, flexibility and strength in order to get the maximum sailboat speed.

Should you view a team image of any crew entered in the America’s Cup, for example… you will see very young and very fit, men and women.

The exception is the Chief and the tactician… these two women or men are on table for their experience… knowledge of race tactics, and ability to make the boat go as fast as possible.

The sailboat cruiser on the other hand can be any age, any body type, and know very little about sailboat racing.

The sailboat cruiser is considering having fun, being safe, and enjoying the fellowship with other boaters… in a stationary situation.

It is extremely hard to have réception or enjoy conversation while the boat is moving… as it is while you are sailboat racing.

Sailboat touring versus sailboat racing can be as different as day and night.

I would personally not normally compare circumnavigation to sailboat cruising… but instead put it to use to illustrate a spot.

I actually had a conversation with Bill Pinckney a several months after he had become the first African-American to circumnavigate the world alone. My spouse and i asked him the thing that was the secret to successful voyage.

His answer was very simplistic… ” You have to stay fit and you have to stay on board”… very similar to how to enjoy sailboat cruising.

Tacking is a maneuver performed many times throughout a sailboat race… Specialists Pinckney how many times he added going around the world… he thought about it for a few minutes and answered… “Once, I think”.

Sailboat cruising versus sailboat rushing… very different, the first is a lifestyle… the other is a competitive sport.