Green Pest Control Protects the Good Guys

My spouse and i don’t think anyone relishes the concept of a mosquito or a bed bug drawing their blood. That securely places those despicable animals in to the ‘annoying pest’ category. Although not all insects are ‘pests’ and the great majority of toxic, fabricated pesticides can’t tell the difference. pest control

Using green infestations control or natural insect products helps save the beneficial creatures we count on. Instead of common destruction, targeted pest control attacks the bad folks that carry disease, cause human suffering, destroy plants, etc. Green pest control protects the good folks along the way of taking away the bad guys. 

In comparison, synthetic pesticides are non-selective which means they will kill a butterflies just as readily as kill a flea. Remove out a honey bee just like a bug. They do not ‘select’ what will die – they just indiscriminately destroy everything they come into contact with. So when municipalities and services come through your neighborhood with the death spray for mosquitoes – it basically just mosquitoes being wiped out. Beneficial creatures die too.

Not all insects are ‘pests’ and killing beneficial creatures – such as honey bees – is an environmental disaster! These types of helpful insects are what keep our world ticking and if they get worn out; the ecological imbalances would cause irreversible mayhem.

Consider honey bees – sure we all love a good tasting baby, but bees mean much more than honey. These kinds of are the pollinators. In which would we be without pollinators?

Our entire food source depends on pollinators from all the fruits and veggies and vegetables we take in to the grain and produce for our animals. Think of how much corn humans eat and then multiply that by a gazillion to number out how much hammer toe is fed to bovine and chickens to produce all the milk, whole milk, eggs, chicken and ground beef we consume everyday. Grain is another example – sure we have grain for our bread, but you may be questioning what about all the crackers, buns, biscuits, nudeln, pizza dough and puddings produced and eaten everyday around the globe? Then there are oats – not only oatmeal but two other huge consumers of rolled oats are the world’s horse and even bigger than that – all the beer manufacturers!

Get the idea? Our entire living is dependent after darling bees and what they do for people. To consider them ‘collateral damage’ in the fruitless effort to wipe out mosquitoes is as short-sighted and detrimental as can be.

In the event all the honey bees on the globe were suddenly extinct due to overuse of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, the complete world would deprive. Even with all the scientific know how and advancements made in our world, there is absolutely no way humans could accomplish what pollinators do. Pollinators are definitely the great cog in the wheel of survival we cannot dismiss.

So the the very next time you have a true ‘pest’, make sure the solution is a ‘selective’ pesticide that kills the targeted pest but not beneficial animals. Choosing green pest control products helps save the good guys – humans included.

Louise Hodges is the owner of Greenbug which offers effective, safe and green pest control products. You can now safely eliminate pests without using toxic compounds!