Finding Business Funding – A Blistering Hot Topic

Most over the place you turn today, the main topic of small business funding comes up. The National Federation of Indie Business (NFIB) has just lately reported that the amount of government backed SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 7(a) loans have significantly dropped during the economic downturn. In fact, only 41% of companies obtained loan from many different options while 16% were not able to get or didn’t ask for any credit.
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You merely can’t help wondering how so many businesses endured the economic depression when they couldn’t get any credit. But avoid be deceived by the numbers. Many of the 59% of companies that didn’t get credit from traditional lending sources do get money. Their cash came from angel shareholders and equity partners and others. There are many businesses that could qualify for this kind of funding too, nonetheless they don’t know how to ask for it. 

Functioning Around Marketplace Inefficiencies

The amount of money markets are inefficient for the reason that borrowers and lenders won’t be able to always find the other person in a manner that enhances funding. That is why there is also a marketplace that is made up of private funders who are inclined to lend capital to businesses. These lenders offering business funding go right to the source rendering it more efficient for credit seekers to find investors and lenders to find consumers. Because traditional funding resources are rendering it so difficult to match lenders and borrowers, it excellent conditions for a private business funding market.

It’s a fact the tiny businesses were in charge of creating 64% of new jobs in the last 12-15 years. That is amazing and makes you question why traditional lenders like banks would cut off credit like they have. You would think they might insure businesses have gain access to funding, yet is actually known that trillions of dollars are just sitting down in corporate accounts and on bank balance bedding.

The fact is that the conditions are ready for private lenders to step up to home plate. The private lenders know there is an possibility to offer capital to businesses and it’s really a win situation. Lenders may offer business loans, venture capital or startup funding and earn a fantastic return on their investments. The businesses get the money they require.

In fact, the private business funding market offers a larger variety of funding options. The big financial companies and banks aren’t financing therefore it is left up to the free enterprise market segments to provide the capital in other ways. Right now there is a busy industry made up of private capital lenders and consumers which include venture capital and startup funding. Those are two of the most difficult categories to finance. You could find angel investors, business loans and even collateral partners.

Have you any idea How?

One particular of the questions often asked is this: if there is funding available then why aren’t more businesses tapping into it? The answer lies more in borrower attitudes and not enough knowledge about the private lending markets.

? May know the investors can be found
? Don’t know how to arrange a quality business plan
? Don’t understand the dimensions of the private market
? Don’t want to ask after being turned down so many times by large banking companies
? Don’t want to pay exorbitant loan fees incurred to riskier companies

The thought of asking for money from equity associates or requesting venture capital is too intimidating for brand spanking new businesses searching for startup company funding. Let’s face it – going from bank or investment company to bank only to be turned down is demoralizing.

By using a central point for matching borrowers and lenders is smart in many ways. It is an efficient market because of centralization. It a cost effective market because an individual travel around the country searching for opportunities. Yet almost all of all, it offers funding solutions for businesses that are ready to startup or expand and that is great for the economy.