Doctor, I Can’t Get to Sleep!

Individuals mentioned in this article, apart from the writer, are fictional. They carry no relation to any person, living or deceased. Sleepwell

I hadn’t had a great morning. I had formed flown into Lagos from Abuja on a particularly moist, August morning and the next thunderstorm was as gloomy when it was unfriendly. As usually happens on such days and nights, vehicular movement all over Lagos was as their most awkward, turning my trip to the landmass into an entire headache. Since it were, therefore, by the time I arrived at my destination, my disposition mirrored the foul weather to the point of exactitude. But all that entered a reversal the moment I stepped into the Penthouse office of the firm’s Ceo. My spouse and i found her standing, facing the tall windows which afforded a panoramic and breathtaking view of the Marina. With hands clasped behind her, she endured statuesquely built at about six feet in a black trouser suit and low-heeled shoes. As the girl turned round to recognize my presence, the complete atmosphere, including my mood, was instantly transformed by her warm and enchanting laugh. A sensational beauty by even the most exacting collection of standards, Mrs. Daisy Davies was at a stage of physical efficiency rarely achieved by any person in the feminine girl or boy. Striding elegantly to the center of the room, she smilingly proffered a handshake and ushered myself to a set of leather lounge seats arranged in a wall break. Daisy Davies, at 30 seven, sat atop a multi-million dollar Real Real estate concern, whose clientele ranged from the upper levels of government to the cream of the structured private sector. Evidently, your woman was as highly achieved in business as the girl was in her looks and comportment. However, inspite of the evident air of elegance, beauty and glittering payouts that emanated from her, she had a problem.


“What exactly do you mean by that? ” I asked.

“I haven’t had any satisfactory depth of rest before three months. That has made me very tense, and my outcome at work is losing. Basically don’t resolve the challenge in the shortest possible time, Let me surely go mad. Please help me. ”

“Mrs. Revealed, is this an singled out incident, or have you experienced such episodes in the past? ”

“Frankly, Doctor, I have erratically experienced sleeplessness since my university days, but the present episode is the worst. inches

After a moment’s pause, I quickly realized this was an instance that deserved my focused attention. And so commenced a rigorous series of dialogue which continued three consecutive days.

“Mrs. Davies, what you have problems with is technically termed insomnia, which far from being a benign, harmless condition, can actually cause serious dissolution in family life, company performance and domestic sense of balance. ”

She rolled her eyes skyward and said, “You know that again, doctor. My hubby is quite fed up, and the members of my board are almost quitting on me. ”

“Indeed, Mrs. Davies, insomnia could be a costly ailment. The most common varieties of it are: difficulty with falling lying down, difficulty with staying in bed, difficulty with returning to sleep after waking up at nighttime and feeling drowsily tired on awakening in the morning, which can extend into the remaining day. Which of these relates to you? “