Consulting Case Study – Uniforms and Attire for Marine Service Company Entrepreneurs

A few months ago, My spouse and i was consulting with a tiny marine service company away in Florida. These were creating a new business, this did not include heading to be their first business, nevertheless they did desire to make their most successful to date. In fact, there was clearly somewhat of cross-rivalry in the family, as everybody owned some type of business, all in several industry sectors. Benny Cenac

The marine industry where they live is quite strong all-year-round, except the times when Hurricanes come. Even now, things are pretty busy even then, all the way until evacuation, and immediately following for clean-up, and there is tons to be done, but I digress. You see, in talking to this boating entrepreneur, specializing in boat detailing, he thought about what kind of uniforms and dress would be appropriate. Very well, let’s discuss this for a short while shall we? Beneath is actually I explained to him, and perhaps you will see it too; 

The appropriate attire for an entrepreneur in the motorboat cleaning business is rather standard. For summer it is just a Collared Logo’ed Shirt, with Khaki Shorts, and for winter it would be a sweat shirt with a collared shirt underneath, with Levis – and if it is very cold a jacket, and insulated slacks. Your crew could be similar, perhaps wear Tshirts in the summer time, and sweat shirts and Levis in winter. In the event that you want the part, you will definitely have to dress the business. If you and your team look proper and official, at some point you are going to conclude with all the mega-yachts in the harbor or riva as customers.

People will notice and it does indeed matter. If you look professional, it adds a layer of trust, and that may just be enough for a customer to hand over the extra set of keys to you personally, and become a weekly-regular, with monthly or every other month waxing and detailing, in addition to a deal to spruce up the inside after every voyage with friends or family. This kind of is how you get all the best customers, but it will surely definitely set you besides your competition as well.

You should consider all this part of your marketing and imaging, as well as a key part of your marketing as well. For anyone who is thinking about starting a boat cleaning business I sincerely desire that you will pay attention to what I’ve said here today, because image is everything. Think upon it, and if you have any comments or questions – shoot me an email.