BIC Reveals New Premium Disposable Razors For Men

Top rated shaver experts, BIC unveiled a brand new 4-blade disposable male shaver to the market – STYLO À BILLE Comfort 4. This is certainly a new addition in it is selection of disposable razors which are quite cost effective as compared to regular razors with disposable rotor blades. The brand new range of throw-away shavers are really high quality and give you a much better shave than the cheap ones available at around the corner store. twin blade disposable razors supplier

The new BIC Comfort comes with a durable handle quite heavy as compared to regular disposable razors. BIC’s new disposable razors feel almost the same weight as the refillable razors. The plastic used on the handle features good quality reinforced plastic which does not become smooth when wet. Moreover, the thick rubber guard helps it be much easier to handle and manoeuvre in difficult areas. 

STYLO À BILLE disposable razors come in a pack of 3 and have four planting season mounted blades to give you a finer shaving experience. 3 blades on the shaver are mounted on a pivoted visit help provide for a closer slice. Although, some individuals might not exactly find the head to be as pivoting as publicized; yet , the razors definitely provide a fine shave without the cuts.

Apart from the sharp razor blades the Aloe Vera strip on the razor head helps to prevent the pores and skin from drying after the shave. This can help to provide for a healthy and smooth shaved skin. This is certainly particularly good for those with extremely sensitive epidermis.

“The launch of STYLO À BILLE Comfort fills a difference in the market and will add value to the disposable category as consumers increasingly look to trade up to a greater number of cutting blades. Thanks to BIC’s advanced technology, BIC Comfort 4 supplies a market leading peal that competes favourably on price against leading razor systems, ” claims The writer Banerjee, Marketing Manager and BIC shavers. BIC Ease and comfort 4 shavers are available in sleek orange and grey packaging and listed at $7. 00.

Extra razors account for almost 70 per cent of the wet-shave market in volume level conditions but account for only 30 per cent of in phrases of financial value. The razor business accounts for $6 billion dollars earnings each year of which french shaver company BIC is a leader in disposable razor market. Kleidsam and Gillette are the other two main opponents of BIC. BIC has been expanding in the overseas markets as well to capture a greater global market share. That intends to take a position $4 , 000, 000 in Brazil to improve sales of its throw away razors. It currently possesses 30 pct business with 600 million units sold annually. In the US market, it accounts for the 11 % market share in conditions of revenues and 22. a few per cent market share in phrases of unit quantity.