Better Business Bureau Ratings of Web Hosting Companies

Frequently when shopping online or at the local mall you will see ‘Member of the Better Business Bureau, or BBB’ and straight away you are feeling good about shopping at the site or store. But you may be wondering what is the Better Business Bureau and why does it is inspire confidence, specially when shopping for a web hosting company? brilliant earth

The Better Business Bureau has recently been tracking complaints and keeping tabs on both earnings and non-profit web hosting companies for more than 15 years now. Every year millions of consumers rely on the Better Business Bureau rating information to tell them whether or not an internet number is trusted or not. 

The Better Business Bureau is unlike the local Chamber of Commerce in the fact that it would not promote any web host over another. The BBB gathers information on hosting companies both private and non-private then writes its findings in their reliability reports. The entire idea is to maintain the consumer informed and let them read through all the available information to better formulate which web hosting company is one they want to deal with.

Certainly one of the key functions of the Better Business Bureau is to try to help resolve complaints from customers against businesses. If perhaps a customer is unhappy with the business that they have dealt with they can file a lay claim with the Bureau and they will then contact the business on the customer’s behalf and try to help resolve the matter. Many people feel that the Better Business Bureau only helps with companies that are members of the local BBB or accredited by the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, but the fact is that they help with complaints from both certified and non accredited businesses. According to the Bureau, most suitable option successfully resolve about per cent of all the complaints that are filed.

How does a web host become an accredited member and really should it lend to your confidence?

To become an accredited member of the BBB, a web hosting business must have been in businesses no less than one season. They must then post an application and pay member dues. Portion of the software process is proving to the Bureau that the web host can comply with the standards that the BBB requires to become a member that could include proving that the company is totally qualified an provides the level of service that they advertise.

At any time an online host can lose its accreditation for any number of reasons. The main reason for losing accreditation is too many complaints from customers. So when you see a web host is accredited by the Better Business Bureau it should indeed lend a have your say of confidence to your decision to work with that particular company. That is not to talk about that non members are sketchy, but the stamp of approval certainly helps. The best way to know you are dealing with an affordable web service provider that you can trust is to check away the Better Business Bureau’s website which is BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. org.